The St Michael’s Church refurbishments, which will open the church up to more community use, have now been completed. New loos, new kitchenette, an upgrade to the main entrance and improvement to the front of the nave were completed in 2021.

Entrance to the Tower from the Nave

The Tower, wooden cupboards removed

Temporary removal of two pews to allow installation of ramps
Further works for the ramps

North Aisle infill
South Aisle infill

North Porch, Frame Removed
One Ramp Completed
Front Pew Removed
Framework for one of the toilets
Work on North Door steps to provide a wider tread
North Door initial framework in place
Front of nave, new flooring in place
Drainage outside tower wall
Drainage towards road

Cleaner’s and Flower room

Disabled Toilet
North Door entrance nearing completion
North Door with handles attached
Central handrail in North Porch
North side toilet
Friends Corner Servery
Disabled Toilet