Pinnacle Repair

Many repairs have been needed to the pinnacles since 1568. In 1888 the north-east pinnacle had decayed and was completely rebuilt. The north-west pinnacle was struck by lightning in 1878 and the south-west pinnacle by lightning in 1974 and again with more severe damage in 1977. The weather-vanes on the pinnacles were gilded in 1982. The proposal for the works to the pinnacles includes the iron work of the weathervanes being replaced with stainless steel, to prevent further erosion of the stone which the iron caused. Visually this will have little to no impact, but prevent future degradation of the stonework. The stonemasonry repairs/replacements will be like for like where possible, ensuring the external appearance remains the same and the pinnacles being structurally sound. The architect has specified that stone tests are carried out once existing crosses are removed so that stone can be identified and matched. Finally, the weathervanes will be repaired using non-ferrous metal and re-gilded to reflect the 1980’s decoration. For the town and community of Mere this will instil more pride and aesthetic significance to this prominent local heritage landmark.

These works will enhance the prominent pinnacles atop a particularly fine tower which can be seen for miles around. It will be of immense satisfaction to the congregation and town when these are repaired.

Weather Erosion

Missing Pennant