What’s on

Services and other activities in normal times:

On Sundays we offer two forms of Holy Communion service:

8am Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer. This service appeals to those who like the hear the traditional prayer book language in quiet surroundings. There is no music or sermon at this service, which lasts about half an hour.10.30am Parish Communion according to Common Worship. Our main Sunday service uses modern language with hymns and a sermon and lasts about an hour or so. Coffee is served afterwards, offering a chance to meet and chat. The first Sunday of the month offers a short Worship Service in a more informal style.

During the week, there are other regular services in different traditions:

Occasional Wednesdays 10.30am: Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer; no music or sermon – check the Pew Sheet for details.

Fridays 8am: Holy Communion according to Common Worship; no music or sermon.

Occasional worship services

‘Start the Month’ Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer: first Tuesday in the month at 6pm in St Matthew’s Chapel (to the right of the chancel); no music or sermon, a chance for reflection and private prayer.

Evensong according to the Book of Common Prayer: normally first Sunday in the month at 6pm with music and a sermon. Check the current Pew Sheet for details.

Matins according to the Book of Common Prayer. Four times a year, usually on the last Sunday of the month. Check with the current Pew Sheet for more details.

Songs of Praise:  a very informal service in which members of the congregation introduce their favourite hymns and often speak about their experiences of being a Christian. Check with the current Pew Sheet for more details

Music at St Michael’s

Music plays an important part in the life of St Michael’s. The church has two organs: a traditional pipe organ in the chancel and a digital nave organ. The pipe organ is an historic instrument, featuring mechanical or tracker action, originally hand-pumped. It was built by Henry Jones in the mid-19th century and retains a special charm. The three-manual digital nave organ, more suitable for congregational accompaniment, was built by the Makin Company, and was originally a long-term rental organ to St.John’s College Cambridge at the time of its pipe organ rebuild.

A mixed-voice robed choir affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music sings at the main services, and an augmented choir, known as the Festival Choir, is formed to sing at special services such as Easter, Christmas and Remembrance.

Sometimes ad-hoc musicians accompany our more informal services. Musical styles range from Tallis to Taizé, accompanied either on the organ, piano, or other instruments.

The church is also the venue for a wide range of musical events throughout the year. Concerts have been given by performers ranging from Carlo Curley to the Salisbury Cathedral Choir, and are always well attended.

Baptisms, weddings and funerals

Anyone wishing to arrange a baptism, wedding or funeral should contact the priest in charge, whose details are on the Who’s Who page.

Serving all ages and abilities

We welcome everyone – young people, singles, families with children, different ethnicities, middle aged and retired people and the disabled. We’re all at different stages in our journey of faith, and we’ll welcome you in an un-pressured way, just as you are, any time you’re ready to come.

For young people, we have:

Families with young children can use the children’s corner at our services. This carpeted area in the far back corner of the main church is equipped with toys, crafts materials and books so that parents can take in the service while caring for their offspring in a less restricted setting than our 17th century pews.

For those with disabilities we provide:
Wheelchair access through the west door
Large print pew sheets, service books and hymn books
Enhanced sound through loudspeakers and a loop system for hearing aids equipped with a T-setting
Communion given at the pew to those with mobility problems